I live in Denver with my wife and am finishing up my final year at school studying Industrial Design at MSU Denver. Leading up to pursuing my ID degree (and during) I worked as a carpenter and fabricator as well as a coffee professional. My years in the construction industry and doing custom metal fabrication have allowed me to develop a high degree of detail and craftsmanship as well as an in-depth understanding of how things work and can be constructed. My time working in the coffee industry helped me learn how to communicate and interact within a team as well as with clients. My favorite thing to do outside of work and school is ride my mountain bike and explore the beautiful state of Colorado.

I am very confident in Solidworks, the Adobe Suite, Keyshot, and Sketchbook Pro
Strong fabrication, prototyping, hands on skills
Able to consider manufacturability early in design process
Strong mechanical aptitude, comfortable working with moving/multiple parts
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