For me design is understanding and identifying real problems and thoughtfully creating solutions with sensitivity to the complex contexts of the users. I am not extremely interested in re-styling existing products to merely sell more things, though I don't think it's bad to make beautiful items. 
I live in Denver with my wife.
Currently I'm an industrial design student at MSU Denver entering my final year. 
When not in school I install high performance windows and I am also very interested in high performance residential construction.
My favorite thing to do outside of work and school is ride my mountain bike.

I am fluent in Solidworks, Adobe Suite, Keyshot, and Sketchbook Pro
I am very comfortable working with wood, metal and plastic
I have a good overview of manufacturing processes and their strengths and limitations
I am confident in and value rapid prototyping with wood, foam, plastic, paper and 3D printing
I have a high attention to detail and craftsmanship to match to create quality models and prototypes

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