This project was to redesign a normally disposable bottle in a way that would encourage reuse on the user's end. Intermediate Studio with Mike Mayberry Fall 2019
This was for a group project where we were tasked with designing a student common space/lounge utilizing two shipping containers. Model used a mixture of foam core, acrylic and art board.
Model Making Fall 2018 with Amy Kern
Movie Prop remake. For this project we had to choose a well known prop from a movie and recreate it. We were graded on the accuracy of the prop. I chose the door that gets busted down with an ax in The Shining. Complete with matching carpet tiles.
Model Making Fall 2018 with Amy Kern
Espresso Cup Beginning Studio Fall 2018
Resin casting USB project. We learned the basics of casting and silicone mold making to create a new body for a USB drive. I used the classic craftsman screwdriver handle to create my mold. I did it in two parts to make the blue section. 2018
Architectural model 2018

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